Happy Birthday, My Love

Considering I’m a 27 year old working woman, living a cozy life surrounded by friends, warm and caring neighbours, aesthetically chosen potted plants in the breezy penthouse in the upper middle class locale of the metro, my life is easy. When you add to it that I have a drool-worthy boyfriend ‘K’, who is not only loving, sensible and intelligent, but shares a lot of my passions too. The chemistry we strike up is irresistible and we often have to deal with envious glances that stare and wonder at the amazing relationship we have.
Today is the 25th of my favourite month, January. January marks the beginning of a new year – a new era, a time when people take resolutions and work their best to follow them with utmost sincerity; there are enough and more reasons to like the first month of the year. My reason however is different. It’s K’s birth month, and 25th is his birthday. We will celebrate his birthday tonight in my penthouse over an intimate dinner cooked entirely by the love of his life, me.
The preparations are almost done – the flowers have come in, the music has been chosen, the candles have been arranged and the cake too has been baked and kept ready. Though I don’t intend to praise myself, the aroma wafting from my kitchen is, to say the least, tantalizing. It’s just 5 in the evening and I don’t expect K to be home before 7.00, implying I have plenty of time to indulge myself in a warm bath and greet him with a smile and some makeup on my face, just like the way he loves it.
I have to make sure that everything I do, is as per his liking, he must leave the world without an iota of grief. He should never get a hint that this will be his last supper, that the last sip of water he will drink in this life will be from his beloved’s home, that she has picked out such a special date for them to have their last date. Tonight, he will walk into his death, with open arms and a smile on his face.
Why, you ask me? Well, I have my own reasons J
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