Did I get the Message?

 I was really worried when the famous ‘Message in a Bottle’ by Nicholas  Sparks failed to move me much. Of course it was good, I almost had tears  at one point when I was mid way through the whole book, but then again, I might have been expecting a wee bit more from the author of ‘A Walk to Remember’, that movie I loved the first time I saw it. 

The fact the 400 odd page affair was done within a matter of a few hours, is not what left me surprised…even shocked and sad to some extent. The sad part was that I expected more RQ from this… romance quotient that is, and for a moment, it had me worried. 

Had I really grown up and grown beyond the gushy mushy feelings a romance could bring in me? Would the skipped heart beats and the fluttering butterflies remain a thing of my glorious (maybe not so very glorious…he he) past?! Had the world really taken over me and extinguished that crazy spark of romance that I’d been guarding so very closely since the first chick flick I’d read? 

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