Love Story!

People always find me good to talk to…they complement me for being such a good listener. They say I listen, I understand. Do I? Not always. But yeah I do love to listen to their stories, the happenings in their lives.

Was listening to a friend’s story today. How he managed to woo the girl of his dreams, how he finally tied the knot with her. How he is still in love with her, how he can never get angry at her.
His story somehow got me thinking… thinking…and thinking so much that I got lost in my thoughts. Again.

Will we ever have a love story? Will we be in love throughout our lives? Will it still be romantic when you and I get married…. I choose to place my trust on Time and hope on my Gods.

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2 thoughts on “Love Story!

  1. I read today’s post and marveled. Your writing always draws me in.
    Then, I noticed links at the bottom and i clicked one and arrived in July of last year . .

    I do hope we all find a forever LOVE . . . an opportunity to touch eternity . .
    like your post – I wonder . . .
    Great Day to You!

    • I hope we do find true love. and we learn to keep it.
      Thank you for reading. You’re very kind and loving. I’m so glad I could meet you through our writings. 🙂

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